Chipps Memorial Fund

A charitable trust for the benefit of the inhabitants of Harlaxton

Aim of the Trust
To enhance the interests, lives and wellbeing of villagers and their community
Origin of the Fund
The fund was established from the bequest of a small parcel of land in Harlaxton Village in the will of the late Mr Chipps.
The first Trustees were appointed under the Will but later circumstances arose when, with the consent of the Charity Commission, the serving Parish Councillors were and are authorized to act as Trustees in an independent capacity. The fund may not be used as an addition to, or substitution for council tax expenditure, nor for projects which are properly the responsibility of the District Council or County Council. It may not be used where money is already available from other sources.
Qualification Guidance Notes
• To qualify for a grant the application must be for the benefit of not less than five persons living in Harlaxton
• There must be more than one person applying for the grant, each of whom takes responsibility for the proper and affective use of the grant.
• All expenses must be recorded and reported with receipts to the Trustees on the form provided.
• Any group holding or applying for additional funds for additional funds must declare such with the Trustees. 
• It is essential for the group to have a bank account under the control of dual authorized signatories.
• Unless otherwise agreed any grant must be used within six months of its being granted.
Application Notes
• There will be a preference to nonprofit making groups with an established constitution, but new ideas will find favour and support.
• Applications can be made for environmental, health and wellbeing, sporting and cultural activities, community activity or leisure activity.
• Small grants can be made available to suitable applications.
• The Trustees will consider applications received before the closing date 31st December 2019.
Application forms can be obtained on request from the Parish Clerk:
By post:
3 Church St
Harlaxton NG32 1HB