January 2024 Agenda

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Harlaxton Parish Council 

Chair:   Andrew Cartlidge

Email:       harlaxtonpc@gmail.com
Address:   3 Church Street, Harlaxton, Lincs, NG32 1HB
Website:   http://parishes.lincolnshire.gov.uk/Harlaxton/

Parish Council Meeting

7:30pm on Wednesday, 24 January 2024

Harlaxton Village Hall, 3 Church Street, Harlaxton, NG32 1HU

Notice is hereby given that there will be a meeting of Harlaxton Parish Council on Wednesday, 24 January at 7:30pm in the Village Hall. All Councillors are hereby summoned to attend.
Andrew Cartlidge
Date: 04/01/2024


1.   Meeting Opened. 

2.   In Attendance:

3.   Apologies (Non-Attendance):

4.   Resolution to approve minutes of Parish Council Meetings: Extra PCM of 14 December 2023

5.   Public Forum (15 Minute Presentation/Discussion)

6.   Updates - County Councillor, District Councillor, Police & Crime

7.   Updates and Discussions

7.1.   Administrator

7.2.   Harlaxton PC Standing Orders (Standing Orders Working Party – Cllrs Gabriel and Wicks)

This is a work in progress

7.3.   LALC Training

7.4.   Telephone Box (Cllr Wicks)

7.5.   Village Voice

7.6.   Traffic and SID (Speed Indicator Device)

7.7.   Proposed Development off Swine Hill (Cllr Gabriel)

7.8.   RFO Financial Report (Cllr Cartlidge)

7.9.   Bank Mandates

7.10.   Harlaxton Twinning with Pontmain

7.11.   Councillor Expenses

7.12.   Meeting Dates 2024/2025

8.   Flooding

8.1.   Trotters Lane, High Street and Manor Drive

9.   Village Events

9.1.   Annual Meeting of the Parish

9.2.   D-Day 80th Anniversary

9.3.   Village Fayre

10.   Village hall

10.1.   Licence Agreement

11.   HSSC 

11.1.   Solar Lighting

11.2.   Accessible Toilets (Cllr Cartlidge)

11.3.   Car Park and Manor Drive Flooding

11.4.   Channel Drain to the rear/south of HSSC

11.5.   Gutters, rainwater pipes and surface water drainage

12.   Sports Field 

12.1.   Playing Area Equipment. Latest inspection report (Cllr Wicks)

12.2.   Playing Field/Pitches

12.3.   Drainage/Maintenance

13.   Grass Cutting, Hedges, etc

13.1.   Grass Cutting and Hedges

13.2.   LCC Verges along A607

14.   Planning Applications 

14.1.   S23/1626   Mr Steve Allison, Proposal: Replacement chimney, Location: 4 West End, Harlaxton, Lincolnshire, NG32 1HE

14.2.   S23/1920   To cut back overhanging branches of Cherry, Sycamore and Maple trees to 2-3 meters, back to boundary line, leaving better shape. To remove deadwood out of Maple trees. Location: Harlaxton Sports And Social Club, Manor Drive, Harlaxton, Lincolnshire, NG32 1HU

14.3.   S23/2184   Section 211 notice to: G1 - Section of mixed trees/hedges that run along the East boundary – trim all back to where they were previously done, up to 1m off the top. Crown Raise any overhang on road to 5.2m, footpath 3m. G2 - Section of mixed trees/vegetation that run along the south boundary, including larger silver birch/Douglas fir specimens. Minor trimming pruning up to 1m off the top. Crown Raise any overhang on road to 5.2m, footpath 3m and driveway 5.2m. G3 - Section of mixed trees/vegetation that are situated in rear courtyard, including larger prunus and olive specimens. Minor aesthetic pruning only up to 1m across canopies. Location: 26 Church Street, Harlaxton, Lincolnshire, NG32 1HB

14.4.   S23/2254   Mr J Harvey Proposal: Partial demolition of rear extensions to Listed Building; Construction of single storey new rear extension; Conversion of loft of detached garage to create a habitable room; Internal alterations within Listed Building including remodelling to create a new bathroom and construction of a new timber summerhouse outbuilding (resubmission of S23/1154) Location: 10 Church Street, Harlaxton, Lincolnshire, NG32 1HB

14.5.   S23/2282   Mrs Yoon Morris Proposal: Section 211 notice to the remove Silver Birch T1. Location: 1 Trotters Lane, Harlaxton, Lincolnshire, NG32 1JQ

14.6.   S23/1460   Prof Bryan Gallagher Proposal: Retrospective shed to rear garden. Location: 7 Trotters Lane, Harlaxton, Lincolnshire, NG32 1JQ

15.   Correspondence

02112023   NC confirms potential start date and provides insurance details
03112023   CA advises road closure along The Drift
05112023   Lincs Police has traced and notified owners
07112023   CA advises radar device now removed
07112023   LCC Highways confirms radar had no issues and has sufficient data
16112023   DS ref trees
18112023   Bowls Club gives contact details
18112023   RS confirms field hire no proceeding
20112023   Link Magazine invoice
20112023   NC advises additional cost for other works
23112023   SKDC AG sends grass cutting invoice
23112023   NC advises additional cost to the contract
26112023   BW ref drainage
28112023   SB enquires ref administrator assistance role
28112023   LCC Highways update on The Drift speed survey
29112023   Bowls Club allows use of water tap by contractor
30112023   SB provides CV for admin assistant role
01122023   HVH invoice for hire
04122023   LCC Highways update on Swine Hill speed survey
04122023   SB asks for information ref grass cutting quote
05122023   SKDC AG sends revised grass cutting invoice
11122023   SKDC AG sends further revised invoice
11122023   SB sends quote for grass cutting
12122023   CA asks if there has been an update from LCC
15122023   JB provides SID date for Swine Hill
20122023   SKDC DR confirms terms for grass cutting
21122023   HC response to email
21122023   Charity Commission confirms receipt of annual return for PG
22122023   Charity Commission confirms transfer of trustees
22122023   HVH JM confirm accounts figures
24122023   Charity Commission confirms receipt of annual return for HVH
28122023   JB confirms receipt of grass cutting instruction
03012024   NB write ref flooding
04012024   Cllr CV confirms will follow up with LCC
04012024   JB confirms they’ll quote on the additional grass area
16012024   IM quotes for the additional grass area
04012024   LALC AE response ref admin assistant
05012024   NC provides breakdown of additional costs
05012024   LALC AE confirms they’ll offer advice asap
05012024   SKDC confirm they’ll repair Swine Hill light in 7-10 days
05012024   PFA CM confirm no games to be played due to saturation
06012024   JB quotes for the additional grass area
08012024   SB agrees to interview time for admin assistant
09012024   HVH invoice for hire
09012024   SB confirms interest in admin role
11012024   HSBC issues revised mandate for completion
15012024   LALC AE offers employment advice for admin assistant
15012024   LCC RS responds ref requests for update

16.   Closed Session (If required)

17.   Any other business

18.   Next scheduled Parish Council Meeting: 7:30pm Wednesday 28 February 2024.

19.   Meeting close.